Wow. Love all the way from Bosnia!:) Much love to @rumi_lover_yugowich for joining the hubby @raiimusic & I in the #RAIIWKsingalong for our single #NoWorriesStepClap Thank you! #RAIIWK ( @raiiwk ) GUIDELINES-
1: record yourself singing the chorus to #NoWorriesStepClap with saying something congratulatory before or after the chorus because it’s a celebration!
2: Tag @raiimusic @whitneykeaton @raiiwk
3:Use #RAIIWKsingalong #NoWorriesStepClap #RAIIWK

HARLEM, TONIGHT we’ll have an exclusive physical product for $5. It has our single #NoWorriesStepClap, snippets of other songs on our upcoming project #ATimeForEverything, commentary explaining the concept of the project & how the single came about! Join us at the #SoulCave event at Dinosaur BBQ 125th St & 12th Ave. The doors are open now and the show starts at 8p. @iamalicaldwell is the hostess. We’ll be performing our single #NoWorriesStepClap and there will also be performances by @simplymelodie @anatural4ever @iamsamanthahoward #RAIIWKlive #NY #Harlem #NoWorriesStepClap

TOMORROW, the hubby @raiimusic & I will be performing our single #NoWorriesStepClap in Harlem for the #SoulCave event at Dinosaur BBQ! Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 8pm. It’s $15 at the door! The lovely @iamalicaldwell is the hostess with performances by @iamsamanthahoward @bigmamamel & @anatural4ever Hope to see you there! :) #RAIIWKLive #NoWorriesStepClap

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